Myths about Hagia Sophia

The eternal symbol of Christianity! 

Read all about the myths bout Hagia Sophia…


“The closed door”

At the conquest of Constantinople, the moment the Turks entered the city, a religious service was in progress in Hagia Sophia. After the interruption of the service, angel of Lord led the priests behind a door! Behind this unknown sealed door, the priests are still waiting for the God to wake them up, so they could finish the ceremony

“The construction and the bees”

Before the construction of Hagia Sophia and during a religious service, the Emperor of Constantinople, accidentally dropped a piece of Holy bread. He saw a bee, which took the piece and flew out the window. He ordered then all the bee keepers to search their hives, in order to find the bee and the bread. The master builder of Hagia Sophia also checked his hives and he found out that inside the hive, the bees made a church so beautiful and carved, like nothing else he ever seen! A perfectly detailed construction made by wax. That was eventually the plan that was used for the construction for Hagia Sophia

“The holy table”

The Emperor Constantine ordered the Holy Table and all the relics to be transferred away with ships, before Sultan Mehmet enter the city! During the transportation, somewhere close to the sea of Marmara, the ship carrying the Holy Table, sank! Since then, the waters there are always calm no matter the weather conditions…

“The Marbled King”

There is a myth which says that during the conquest, the Emperor of Constantinople, was lost in the corridors and stayed hidden there and the hours of waiting “marbled them”. On the other hand, it is also believed that Angel of the Lord, hid Emperors corpse. Fact is that his corpse was never found…

“Underground arcades”

There are 3 main rumors about the underground arcades of Hagia Sophia. The first says that there is a path with connects the Palace of Constantine with the Byzantine Aqueduct. The second says that Ottoman Sultans, expanded their underground arcades so they could more easily reach Hagia Sophia, in order to pray. The third one, says that arcades could lead you to Princes Islands!

“The fishes”

While a monk was trying to fry the fishes he caught from the river, a bird came out of a sudden and announced him the fall of Constantinople by Turks! The monk, not believing the bird, he said:”if the fishes jump from the pan back to the river, that means that the city is fallen!”. And then, the fishes jumped to the river… verifying the truth!

“Magic marbles”

The provincial governors, were ordered to send the most beautiful marbles from the most famous quarries of the Empire, in order Hagia Sophia to be an amazing structure! But these marbles, it is said that foretells the future and mainly the major disasters!

“The sacred column”

Justinian due to his chronic migraines, used to go to Hagia Sophia and pray to God to relieve him from the pains. Doctors couldn’t treat him! One night, a miracle happened! He rested his head on athe column that was sacred by St. Gregory the Miraculous and asked God to be healed. Indeed, the headache was gone and never came back again.


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