Street Foods Istanbul

During your stay at the amazing Istanbul, try some of the delicious, fresh, healthy, cheap and safe foods you will find on the streets all over the city!



the most famous Turkish street food. Thousands of people eat this delicious kind of circular bread, full covered with sesame seeds. Ideally for breakfast, accompanied with Turkish tea

Fish sandwich (balik ekmek)

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the best places to eat this food is at Karakoy and Eminonu areas. A yummy sandwich with grilled fish fillet, tomato, onion and lettuce!

Chestnuts (kestane)

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there are vednors selling roasted chestnuts all over Istanbul and all year long, but especially during the winter months. A hundred of years tradition! Make sure they are not undercooked

Fresh juices

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the best way to boost your energy is by drinking a freshly squeezed juice! You can find fresh juices especially from pomegranate and oranges

Mussels (midye)

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for the seafood lovers and not only… these small boiled mussels stuffed with spicy rice, is the best choice especially after drinking or as an accompaniment to your drinks. They sold by piece and you can find them almost everywhere

Corn (misir)

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One of the most favourite foods both for adults and kids! Either boiled or grilled, served on corn leaves. Add some salt or try the ones boiled in milk

Fresh Candy

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A colorful tray with separate parts for the different tastes of this soft and sweet toffee paste. Made of many herbs and spices, you can create an impressive lolipop!

Fresh Fruits

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Oranges, bananas, melons, grapes, water melon and many more fruits all year around depending on the season. Already cut and cleaned, served in small boxes ready to be eaten

Pop corn (patlamiş misir)

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you can smell the fresh pop corn from many meters away! Accompanies great either a walk in the city or your drinks! Those sellers are on the move, especially in front of bars and cafes

Beef Sandwich (köfte sandviç)

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this heavenly taste is made of bread and Turkish kofte, which is grilled pieces of minced meat. A rich sandwich, filled with green salad and tomato

Nuts (ceviz)

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Almonds, peanuts, walnuts, pistachios and many more kinds of nuts are found on the table of those sellers. Sold in packets depending on the amount you want

Rice with chickpeas (nohutlu pilav)

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A full meal which includes rice, chickpeas and sometimes pieces of boiled chicken. Sold in portions, you can find it especially after noon, until late night hours

Stuffed meatballs (içli köfte)

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A dish originating in the Lebanon. It is a cylinder shaped, fried croquette made of bulgur, onions, lean beef or lamb with many spices

Almond on ice

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These almonds are left for few hours in water and then served on ice, so you can remove easily the peel. The sellers hold a round plate and usually walk near bars and restaurants, because almonds are ideally with drinks

Wet burger (islak burger)

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Wet bread rolls with sweet tomato and onion sauce, stuffed with meat. Although it’s not so attractive, it’s absolutely delicious!


dromofag (15)

A savory crepe with thin dough. You can fill it with potato, spinach, cheese or a mix with the three of them!


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great choice for breakfast! Borek is made of many thin layers of phyllo, filled with cheese, minced meat, vegetables, potato or spinach

Cotton candy (pamuk şeker)

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A pink delight made of heating sugar! Cloud shaped candy very famous especially among kids

Raw meatballs (çiğ köfte)

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A very spicy food, made not from meat but from bulgur, onions and lot of spices! Sold either by piece or as a sandwich


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