Marmaris: a wonderful resort town, with a beautiful harbour full of palm trees. The city is also known as the Turquoise Coast due to its amazing waters. A very famous tourist destination, surrounded by forests and beautiful sceneries. Highlight of the city, the 5000 years old castle located at the old area of the town, which was reconstructed by Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent during his expedition against Rhodes. For your night entertaiment, Marmaris offers many clubs and bars where you can dance the night out! (on the map)     


Ekincik: the pretty village of Ekincik with its lovely harbor, offers not only deep blue waters and caves but also beautiful pine forests and grassy plains. Its coast line is about 1,300m, and near the beach there is a camping ground with great sanitation and cooking facilities. Ekincik is located between Marmaris and Dalyan  (on the map)     


Dalyan – Kaunos: a pretty small village located near Marmaris, in the center of the Delyan delta. Iztuzu beach is a 4.5 km long beach which forms a natural barrier between the fresh water delta of the Dalyan river. The beach is also known for the turtle nesting grounds of Careta Careta. A wonderful river, with a coastline full of green, flowers and lovely houses separates Dalyan from the ancient city of Kaunos, where there are many archeological sights  (on the map)


Tersane Adasi: lush island, also known as Dockyard, in the Gulf of Fethiye, surrounded by crystal clear waters. The Ottoman Navy used the island as a dockyard during WWI, thus giving its name. In the island were living Greeks who migrated in Rhodes in 1922. Nowadays many ruins can be found, such as 140 Greek houses, churches and the tomb of the chef  (on the map)


Göcek: a gorgeous place full of green sceneries, where according to the Greek legend, Icarus landed after his famous flight trying to escape from the labyrinth he was imprisoned! It is located between Dalyan and Fethiye, and nowadays it is a famous destination for all the sea lovers. Gocek owns 6 different marinas! (on the map)


Ölüdeniz: Oludeniz in Turkish, literally means the ‘Sea of the Dead’, due to its calm sea waters! The coastal beauty combined with the pine trees and the sandy beaches (official Blue Flag beach), is amazing. Moreover this place is perfect for paragliding because of the ideal wind conditions  (on the map)


Fethiye: Fethiye is like a magnet for the tourists, especially during the summer months. In Fethiye disctrict are located 12 islands, with unspoiled beauty! But apart from its natural scenery, this place attracts the tourists because of the inexpensive life and the hospitality of the locals. The ancient theater, the tomb of Amyntas and the ruins of Kaya Koy, are some of the sights one can also admire  (on the map)


Kalkan: an old fishing town, and the only safe harbour between Kas and Fethiy. Nowadays is a top tourist destination, which includes many historical sights and fine beaches. A truly wonderful place, famous for its white washed-houses and its coloured bougainvilleas. An unspoiled area, with clear blue sea combined with the lush greenery! (on the map)


Kas: a lovely small fishing town and a great tourist resort , located on a hill running down to the Turqoise coast, in the Antalya district. Above the colorful town, are located the famous Lycian rock tombs. While kayaking tours and hikes are easily arranged you can also take a day tour to the Greek islet of Kastelorizo which is only 6 km away (on the map)


Kekova: a gorgeous small island located in the Antalya district, and a speacially protected area since 1990. Near by are also located the three ancient towns of Simena, Teimussa and Tersane, with their large necropolis. The magical sunken city, the turqoise crystal clear waters, the sunshine and the stony coastline are some of the things that makes this place wonderful            (on the map)


Myra: was an ancient city in Lycia, where nowadays is the small town of Kale(Demre). It is located at Antalya district, near the river Myros, offering plethora of antique sights, such as the tomb of St Nicholas (Santa Claus). Many Greeks were living there until they were forced to migrate to Greece and  that is why you can see many abandoned houses  from that period  (on the map)


Olympos: was also an ancient city in Lycia, located in a river valley near the coast. Olympos provides numerous lovely pansions, accomodation in unique tree houses, the impressive Lycian ruins and natural unparalleled natural beauty. It is a place that remains wonderful even during the cold months of the winter  (on the map)


Bodrum: a very popular destination worldwide, located in the southwestern Aegean. In the ancient World housed one of the Seven Wonders, the Mausoleum of Mausolus! The impossing castle built in 15th century, the ancient ruins, Ottoman mosques and the glowing and crystal clear sea are some of the highlights. Bodrum is equally famous for its nightlife! (on the map)


Knidos: situated on the Datca peninsula, rocky Knidos was an ancient Greek city, where there are many ruins such as the temples of Apollo, Dionysos and Aphrodite, an ancient theather and the agora. It used to be an important cultural and political centre and also a trading hub. Located on a hilltop, Knidos offers amazing view to the deep blue sea and to the ancient ruins  (on the map)


Datca: a fine city with two harbours, one on the Aegean and the other one on the Mediterranean. The beauty of its’ coves and bays, attracts many tourists travelling there by yachts or gullets. The surrounding area offers many lovely sea food restaurants and small boutiques  (on the map)


Ciftilik: between Marmaris and Serçe, is located this lush place, with a famous sandy beach and turqoise waters. Ciftlik is a popular stop for daily boat tours, offering few lovely restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy your lunch admiring the views  (on the map)     


Turunc: a famous holiday resort, located in Marmaris district, surrounded by the Taurus mountains. Although it attracts many tourists, its natural beauty has been preserved. It is a small area, which you can walk through within half an hour. That makes it a quite and relax destination! You can enjoy your baths in the awarded with a Blue Flag beach  (on the map)


Hisaronu: a lovely tourist resost, on the foot of a great mountain. There is a wide sandy beach, the Keci Buku bay, surrounded by pine trees! Kizkumu, the sunken pier is also a highlight for the visitors. The refreshing breeze combined with the fresh waters of the sea, will relax you. Between Hisaronu and Orhaniye, there are many small coves, some of them with beach bars  (on the map)


Bozburun: a small and peaceful seaside village, located in Marmaris district, very famous for the construction of the best gullets and boats. Bozburun faces across the sea, the beautiful Greek island of Symi. This small village, hosts a harbour, which is a popular stop for the blue cruises. Behind the harbour, there is a lovely little square, with travernas and traditional coffee shops    (on the map)


Selimiye-Orhaniye: a charming village, located in Bozburun peninsula. It is a popular overnight stop, because its entrance is protected by several islands and this is why forms a natural wave breaker. An unspoilted place, with a sandy beach and low level waters, ideal for kids                    (on the map)


Bozukkale: a big bay, overlooked by the castle walls of the ancient city of Loryma, built by the Rhodians.  After swimming in the crystal clear and breeze waters, you can eat a delicious meal to one of the three restaurants located at the bay  (on the map)


Çesme: a heavenly and popular holiday resort town, located opposite to the Greek island of Chios. There are many Ottoman foundains in the city, hence the name Çesme, which means foundain in Persian. There is an upscale marina protected by a breakwater. The village has lovely beaches, spas, boutiques and cafes, where you can relax and do your shopping  (on the map)


Greece-Rhodes: the largest of the Dodecanese islands with a great historical capital, also known as the Knights Island. In the ancient times, the island was famous for the Colossus, one of the seven wonders of the world. Rhodes has been declared as a World Heritage site, because of the many archaeological sites. It is the most popular destination for the tourists from Europe who seek sunny beaches and crystal clear waters  (on the map)


Greece-Symi: tiny and tanquil island of Dodekanese, with small but clean beaches! It hosts a harbour, surrounded by beautiful neoclassical houses and elegant mansions. The 18th-century Monastery of Archangel Michael Panormitis is a major Greek Orthodox pilgrimage site, worth visiting  (on the map)


Greece-Kos: a wonderful and very famous island, part of the Dodecanese islands, very close to the coast of Turkey. Lush valleys and crystal clear seas combined perfectly together. The town of Kos, is a mixture of Venetian and Ottoman architecture and this makes the island even more interesting (on the map)


Greece-Samos: a popular island, at the northeastern Aegean, daily connected to Kusadasi in Turkey. Samos is famous for the fabulous beaches, clear and exotic waters and the lush sceneries. The island is the birthplace of the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, and the Heraion of Samos (large sanctuary to the goddess Hera) is a World Heritage Site            (on the map)


Greece-Chios: one of the bigger Greek islands, very close to Izmir in Turkey, and world wide known for the mastic trees. The tourist attractions include the medieval villages and the monastary Nea Moni, which is a World Heritage Site. Pyrgi and Olympi characterized by the black and white geometric desings on the external walls and the deep blue crystal clear sea, are the highlights of the island  (on the map)


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